Ultimate Non-Profit Website


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Homepage Layout

This is the ideal template for your 501c3. The multiple navigation and introduction areas make it easy for potential donors to learn about what you’ve accomplished and what you can do. Collect donor information with Form Blocks, which can be linked to an email address or database.

What’s in the back-end?


SEO Dashboard

People seem to think that SEO is some kind of voodoo magic. But what they don’t want you to know is that really it’s all about content. That’s why Google dominates the browser market. Because you always find what you are looking for. So the real challenge of SEO is organizing the content in a way that Google can find it. That’s where SEO by Yoast comes in. This plugin walks you through the steps to organize and write your content in a way that Google understands. And it’s actually kind of fun.

Google Analytics

Nowadays it’s all about the data. One thing is certain, nobody know anything anymore when it comes to marketing. There are so many marketing channels and new ones are coming out and “disrupting” the market every day. The only way to effectively market is to test and study the data. That’s where Google Analytics comes in. EVERY SINGLE MARKETING PROFESSIONAL uses it. Now you can too.

Lead Generation

The buying process has changed, and marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers and get heard through the noise. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now focus on being FOUND. That’s where your lead-gen form comes in. Gravity Forms is hands down the ABSOLUTE BEST, simplest and most versatile lead-gen software out there. Weather you are scheduling office visits or providing quotes, your campaigns will have the foundation for providing value to visitors looking to learn more.

Powered by WordPress

Powered by WordPress, the same content management system that many fortune 500 companies and major brands trust including The New York Times, CNN, PlayStation, LinkedIn, Flickr, Walt Disney, NGINX, Time Inc. and many, many more.

This is the BIG difference between our websites and other entry level services such as Wix, Squarespace and Big Commerce. Because WordPress is by FAR the most popular CMS on the market – powering an astonishing 53% of ALL content management systems on the entire internet – there are also an astonishing number of plugins available if you want to take your website to the next level. This is the real benefit of WordPress. Want to integrate with Infusion soft? No problem. Constant Contact? No problem. Your favorite MLS? No problem. You name it, there’s a plugin already built for it.

For some all these choices can be daunting, but with SPB Cloud, included with your website is a dedicated expert who will help you set up your website and show you how to use the powerful marketing tools that come preinstalled as well as point you in the right direction should you want to explore some of the plugin options available. And, should you want something more custom, well we have a full service development team at your disposal!.